Brigette Hunley

Nice to meet you,

I'm Brigette Hunley. It has been my honor to serve as Chair of the Solano County Democratic Central Committee for the past decade. 

This is what I stand for,

I stand for you, and if you have dropped by our headquarters anytime during the past decade we have met. I believe if we want to lead, we must first set an example.  So I am always out there doing community organizing, walking precincts, phone banking, texting, writing postcards, registering voters, training volunteers, training candidates, leading rallies, and doing whatever we need to elect good Democrats to office.

This is why I'm running to represent you in District 5.

Because I truly believe that our Democracy is worth fighting for, and we need all hands on deck in the upcoming battle for the soul of our nation.

I believe that working together, we can win. Under my lead we have won  federal and statewide offices and local races. 

I believe a leader should be accessible which is why my direct phone number and email are always public and open to all.